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Buying and selling cryptocurrencies

An article, wich looks into an easy, fair and safe solution to buy Bitcoin and 15 other cryptocurrencies.


The COT Report Signal – A profitable futures trading strategy

In this article we present a strategy based on the Commitment of Traders (COT) report data. The author, together with his business partner, was able to grow his account from 14,000 to 300,000 US dollars within four years.

Futures trading commitment of traders


How to trade the FXStreet forex forecast

The question is simple: let's say today's price is 100 and by the end of the week we forecast a price of 110, what is the best way to trade this expected move? There is no best way to trade a forecast. There are different ways. This article explores them all. 

FXSTreet provides a weekly forecast for forex pairs. Here we explain how to trade forecasts.


Black magic no more – The CoT report explained

Free insider information on the positions of major market participants such as hedge funds, banks and industrial groups? The CoT Report makes it possible! See where the smart money is flowing

The Cot Report for Dummies, not.


New section: Trader-Entrepreneur Larry Connors

The trading strategies of Larry Connors explored.

Larry Connors is the author of more than 20 books on market strategy and volatility trading, including How Markets Really Work. This new section explores two of his most popular trading strategies.  More...

New section: Trader-Author Larry Williams

With nine popular books on trading Larry Williams is no beginner. This section explores some of his wisdoms as well as several of his proven trading strategies.  More...

Trader Larry Williams' trading strategies explored.

The managed account delivers good results

A good regulated managed account service? Choose Investui.

As predicted, March was a success for the Investui managed account (FREE DEMO). The futures reference account (moderate risk) rose by +18.6%. This brings the net result for the first quarter to -3.4% and the current result since 2020 to +29.5%. With nine months to go in 2021, there are still plenty of opportunities for good returns.   More...

VWAP and TWAP for traders

The popular VWAP and TWAP pack for NanoTrader has been expanded. Several new functionalties and features are available.  More...

A new strategy based on the Parabolic indicator

The Parabolic indicator used in trading strategies with good results.

The Parabolic is one of the most practical indicators, since it can combine three functions: trading signal, trend filter and trailing stop. No matter how experienced you are in trading, you can't help but be seduced by its effectiveness.  More...

Forex trading just got easier

Finding the best forex pairs for daytrading.

Which forex pair is best to trade at which time? The FX Pair Finder will find out for you. It is the perfect solution.   More...

Why you should care about the European banking sector index

Volatility and trading opportunities in the European banking sector.

The European Banking Sector futures quoted on the Eurex are very attractive to traders. Why they are so attractive is explained and illustrated in this fascinating article. The author also presents his trading strategy and shows its results.   More...

An interview with trader John Bollinger

Trader John Bollinger shares what he learned trading over the years.

An interesting and detailed interview with trading legend John Bollinger. The article also lists all strategies and tools from Bollinger, which are available in the NanoTrader trading platform.   More...

The Supres Sniper

The SupRes Sniper provides an answer to these three questions... (1) How to correctly identify support and resistance? (2) Which are the most important support and resistance levels? (3) How to trade successfully on the basis of support and resistance lines.   More...

Scalping trading ranges with the Sniper

This well-illustrated article covers key topics for traders. Detecting and trading in a trading range and a trend. The author uses the new Sniper.   More...

Scalping the DAX or the DOW?

This good article investigates whether it is better to trade the DAX or the DOW using the popular D&D Scalping strategy. Well-illustrated and with a convincing back-test the author puts the DAX and the DOW side-by-side and analyzes from many different angles, which index is the for scalpers and traders.    More...

A powerful free scalping strategy

If you have ever considered scalping, visit this new section on our website. It is definitely recommended reading.

A profitable scalping strategy?


Measure volatility perfectly and use it in your trading strategy

How to measure and use volatility is explained in this practial section. A good trading strategy is explained step-by-step. It is definitely a topic you can and should master.

Technical analyse volatility


New article: How you can trade the Nasdaq

This new article offers an innovative trading strategy for futures and CFDs on the Nasdaq market index. The trader shows how to identify the relevant trend. He also adapts one of his favourite trading strategies, Black Candles, to the Nasdaq index.

Nasdaq trading.



How you can trade the volatility of crude oil

This concise and precise article creates and implements a crude oil trading strategy. Very few traders know the concept of longlife stops and targets. They are high calibre and worth knowing. So reading this article is recommended for this reason alone.Crude oil futures and CFD.

More ...

New article: Trading market volatility with the VSTOXX future

Market volatility is on the up. The VSTOXX future quoted on the Eurex exchange is an excellent proxy for market volatility. In this article the VSTOXX future, volatility and a volatility-based trading strategy are explained and illustrated.


Read article ...


Free demo

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Safe & easy crypto trading

Trade cryptocurrencies against EUR or USD on a bank account in a AAA country.

Trading videos

Charting, strategies, automated trading, backtesting, playback... watch these videos and become a platform master.

Managed account

Great results and highly recommended: the Investui service


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