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LiveStatistics allows investors to define an event based on different parameters. LiveStatistics will identify in real-time how often similar events occurred in the past. All these past events are analyzed in real-time. Based on the price developments of the past events, projections for the current market price are displayed in the chart.

In short…
  • The user defines an event based on a set of parameters (shape, trading range …).
  • LiveStatistics identifies all similar events in the past.
  • LiveStatistics displays projections for the current market price in the chart.

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Livestatistics in NanoTrader makes projections for the market.

The example above illustrates a classic trader question: to buy or not to buy?
  • Buy because it is a strong, consistent rally which is simply taking a pause.
  • Don’t buy because this rally has run out of steam and the market was very negative after the opening.
Both are valid opinions. But … what happened in the past when similar events occured? 
LiveStatistics displays projections for the current market price in the chart. In the example above the statistics show a bullish bias. This example is dealt with in detail in the free LiveStatistics guide.
LiveStatistics can be used for:
  • A "reality check". The projections are a good indication of how the market price can move over a given period of time. Many investors have price expectations which are not realistic.
  • Determining stops and price targets. These levels are visible in the chart.
  • Confirming a signal given by a strategy. If, for example, a strategy gives a buy signal, the live statistical data should show a bullish sentiment.
  • Trading strategies based on live statistical data.
LiveStatistics indicates this gap will close.
The example above illustrates another classic trader question: will this gap close or not?
The projections based on statistical data seems to have a bullish bias. The real evolution of the market price is shown next to the LiveStatistics projections. The gap did indeed close later that day.

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