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Trading forex with NanoTrader

Trading forex with NanoTrader

NanoTrader offers the ambitious Forex trader a platform with which he can execute extremely precise trades. The platform can handle every trading style: scalping, day trading, swing trading, strategy trading,  automated trading... For every trading style the platform has the right charts, tools and order types.

Advantages of NanoTrader :

  • Over eighty negotiable currency pairs
  • Commission- and spread-based Forex trading
  • Backtesting of any strategy is possible
  • A multitude of technical innovations for the forex trader
  • Fractional spreads: the fifth decimal place allows the trader to make very precise trades

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NanoTrader is a trading platform that receives the highest awards from traders and customers year after year. The trader has the choice between two models, which we will briefly explain here.

Spread-based and commission-free trading

In this model, the trader chooses the cost model of a variable spread. The usual commissions are therefore not applicable. The size of the spreads depends on the current volume on the market. This means that the trader will receive the best conditions in the main hours of the currency pair. However, experience shows that the spreads in NanoTrader are generally low, even before economic news. Furthermore, the spreads are not provided by a dealing desk but by the largest banks that operate in the foreign exchange business worldwide.

Commission based trading with fixed spread

However, it may make sense for a foreign exchange trader to opt for the model of commission-based trading. In this case he always receives a fixed spread and pays a small commission. This offers many advantages. He can carry out surgically precise trades. Especially for very active scalpers this can be a great advantage. In addition, the trader can conceive his strategies much more precisely than if he would trade with variable spreads. Furthermore, the commissions are negotiable and volume discounts can be granted to the trader. The bigger the monthly trading volume, the better conditions!

Wide range of currency pairs available

A wide range of currency pairs available.

Best trading platform.

Unlike many common Forex brokers, NanoTrader offers the trader a wide range of currency pairs. In addition to the majors and their combinations (minors), NanoTrader also allows you to trade "smaller" currencies such as the Czech Crown, Swedish Crown, Norwegian Crown, Mexican Peso, Hungarian Forint, Hong Kong Dollar, Danish Krone, Chinese Yuan, Russian Ruble, Polish Zloty, Singapore Dollar, Turkish Lira and South African Rand at very good conditions.

In addition, the trader can choose from exotic combinations such as CAD/PLN, CHF/NOK or even SGD/JPY.

Free trading strategies

Free trading strategies

Best trading platform.

The client of WH Selfinvest can use a variety of free and tested forex strategies that are already implemented in NanoTrader. The trader only needs to call up a chart of the desired currency pair. With a few clicks he can apply a strategy to the pair. He can perform a quick back test to see how the strategy has performed in the past. If he likes the result, he can immediately execute the strategy in fully automated or semi-automated mode. Of course, thanks to the open architecture of the NanoTrader, he has the possibility to change all the parameters of the system if he wishes. With a few clicks he can view the back-tested results with modified parameters and adjust them again if necessary.

Trading also possible via tablet and smartphone

Trading also possible via tablet and smartphone 

Best trading platform.
Trading foreign exchange can also be done "on the go" thanks to the free apps that can be downloaded for all mobile platforms. As the data is identical, the trader can log in via the mobile platform as well as via a PC.

There is a special version of the trading platform for tablets. It contains more functions than the app for the mobile smartphone. The slightly larger display is therefore fully utilized. Apps are of course available for both iOS (Apple) and Android.

Best trading platform for traders.

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