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The cryptocurrency Ripple XRP - info and rate

XRP is a digital asset designed for payments. It is the native digital asset on the XRP ledger - an open-source, permission-free and decentralised blockchain technology that can process transactions in 3-5 seconds.

Caveat emptor. The SEC has already suggested that Bitcoin and Ethereum are not securities due to their decentralised nature, but Ripple is viewed differently by the SEC, which has taken the position that Ripple's development and distribution of XRP was conducted in a centralised manner. The SEC filed a lawsuit against cryptocurrency giant Ripple, alleging that the company sold XRP as an unregistered security. The SEC argues that XRP is a security and not a commodity or other type of asset because it was created, distributed and sold by Ripple Labs.

Risk note: Cryptocurrencies are very volatile. You should carefully consider whether they are the right investment for you.

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