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An order and a lay-out in 4 clicks

The TradeWizard is by far the quickest and easiest way to place an order and at the same time build a trading lay-out. In addition the trader can use the wizard to instruct the NanoTrader to automatically place bracket orders to protect his new open position.

The TradeWizard is a button in the main tool bar.

Toolbar in the trading platform

Step 1: select the instrument

It is possible to trade futures, forex, CFD, stocks and structured products via the NanoTrader platform. In this example the trader is in the first step of the process as indicated by the blue highlight in the TradeWizard.

Order ticket in the trading platform

Step 2: select the account

Each trader has his live account and permanent demo account (papertrade). When selecting the account the NanoTrader automatically opens the account bar and integrates it in the trading lay-out.

Step 3: indicate if you want bracket orders or not

Bracket orders consist of a stop loss order to protect the open position and a target order to take profit. The bracket orders are managed by a unique function in the NanoTarder called the TradeGuard. If the trader chooses to use bracket orders by selecting ‘yes’, the NanoTrader will add the chart of the instrument to the lay-out and activate the TradeGuard.

Step 4: select buy or sell

In this final step the trader decides if he places a buy order or a sell order.

Trading wizard - choose the account

Once the trader clicks buy or sell he will receive a confirmation window. It is possible to deactivate this additional confirmation.

The TradeWizard creates a lay-out

Besides placing the order to open the position and the bracket orders to protect the position, the TradeWizard also creates a platform lay-out. This traders starts with no lay-out ...

Tradewizard in Nanotrader

... and ends with an open position, bracket orders and a nice day trading lay-out after only four clicks! Traders can move the bracket orders by clicking the triangles in front of the order label and dragging the orders to the desired price level.

Bracket order


This video shows the NanoTrader's TradeWizard:

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